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TRUE Robotics

Our story

True Robotics, co-founded in 2021 by Anthony Galgano and Kwasi Acheampong, began as a research-focused EdTech startup based in Worcester, MA. Our journey commenced with participation in the prestigious WPI/MIT I-Corp program, where we successfully interviewed 47 teachers to test our hypothesis: integrating robotics into classroom settings enhances student engagement. This foundational research underscored our goal to revolutionize STEM education for students in grades K-12.


Our mission is to inspire and make STEM disciplines more accessible through innovative robotics kits, paired with a research-driven, evidence-based curriculum and comprehensive training services. Despite facing challenges in product development and coping with demanding schedules, True Robotics has achieved significant milestones, including the national expansion of our programs.


The inception of True Robotics was significantly influenced by Anthony's engagement with Our Bright Future, a non-profit led by his mentor and high school soccer coach, Kwasi Acheampong. This experience reinforced our commitment to community enrichment and empowering students through STEM education. As we continue to grow, True Robotics remains dedicated to broadening our educational impact, enhancing our product offerings, and fostering a new generation of innovators and critical thinkers, all rooted in our initial research and commitment to using robotics to invigorate classroom learning.

The logo for True Robotics featuring a cartoon-style robot in the center, flanked by a book on the left and a laptop on the right, with the words "TRUE" above and "ROBOTICS" below, all in a playful font. The design conveys a friendly and educational theme.
Two men smiling behind a booth with educational toys and a robotic device, one in a red polo with a name tag and the other in a white "True Robotics" polo.

Our Blog

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Our Classroom Packages come with everything a school needs

Robot Kits

Reusable kits designed for groups of 2-3 students.


45-60 minute classroom lessons with NGSS and Common Core Math Standards Alignment.

Professional development

Asynchronous training portal and one-on-one tailored training sessions.

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