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TRUE Robotics

Pilot Robot Home Kit and Course



+$16.49 Robot Shipping

Perfect for children at home interested in STEM, robotics, engineering, or computer science.

Comprehensive 150+ piece robot kit

30+ Hours of online guides & challenges

Tailored for children aged 8 to 15

Programmable & Remote-Controllable

Integrated Science & Math Challenges

What's included

Unlock your child's potential with the Pilot Robot Home Kit and Course, the ultimate tool for sparking a lifelong passion in STEM fields. This kit encourages creative problem-solving and offers a hands-on approach to learning through an engaging online platform. With interactive programming, math problems, and science experiments, this robot is not just a toy but a doorway to understanding the real-world applications of technology and engineering. Ideal for young learners, the Pilot Robot Home Kit and Course is a stepping stone to your child's innovative future.

The Pilot Robot Kit comes packed with over 150 reusable pieces ready for assembly. It includes a rechargeable battery with a charger, ensuring endless hours of exploration. Pilot's built-in camera and touchscreen add layers of interactive possibilities, while the ultrasonic sensor allows for advanced maneuvers. The kit is supported by the Trubots Playground Software, providing an interactive programming environment. Pilot is also compatible with a game controller for remote operation. Essential building tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, and ruler are included, along with additional components like wires, nuts, and screws. Beyond the physical components, the kit offers exclusive access to an online course, enriching the building experience with detailed tutorials, programming challenges to sharpen coding skills, math assessments for real-world application, and science experiments for empirical learning. The platform allows for a comprehensive STEM experience.

An online course interface showing the progress and curriculum modules for the PILOT ROBOT HOME KIT AND COURSE, with sections for assembly, maintenance, software, programming, and STEM lessons.
An educational interface from TRUE Robotics showcasing a programming sequence for motors and sensors with colorful blocks for easy learning.

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