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TRUE Robotics

Introduction to Robotics with Axle

Grades 6, 7, & 8

Five smiling children standing with an instructor, proudly displaying their completed robots, in a classroom with a whiteboard in the background.

Classroom Packages Written by Teachers for Teachers

Learn about our project-based robotics courses designed to increase exposure to STEM and bring hands-on learning to life.

Taking off with Pilot

Grades 4 & 5

Group of people engaging in a hands-on workshop, assembling parts on a purple table, with a focus on teamwork and collaboration.

Our Classroom Packages come with everything a school needs

Robot Kits

Reusable kits designed for groups of 2-3 students.


45-60 minute classroom lessons with NGSS and Common Core Math Standards Alignment.

Professional development

Asynchronous training portal and one-on-one tailored training sessions.

Our Curriculum

We believe in providing teachers and students with the resources to learn in a hands-on, project based environment. All of our curriculums are aligned to the latest math, science, technology, engineering, digital literacy, and computer science standards. Want more information?

Document snapshot showing the 'Teacher Guide' for 'Lesson Day 25' on 'Introduction to the Ultrasonic Sensor' from TRUE Robotics, outlining objectives, activities, discussion topics, and additional resources.

"This curriculum forces students to work together, make mistakes, try new things, and be comfortable asking for help."

Vanessa Mahoney | 6th Grade Teacher

Preview of educational material from TRUE Robotics, featuring slides for 'Day 2: Introduction to Robotics,' covering topics such as sensors, sensor examples, and types of robots with corresponding images and brief descriptions.

Access our Teacher Portal Here!



Professional Development

We strive to transform educators into robotics professionals. True Robotics offers individualized one-on-one professional development both virtually and in-person. Additionally, we have created a learning portal where teachers can asynchronously teach themselves how to use our robots and become TRUE experts!

Interface of the TRUE Robotics Learning Portal, showcasing recent course activity with thumbnails of lesson materials, including 'Teacher Guide' and 'Building Axle,' along with progress indicators for completed modules.

Have more questions? Let's Chat!  

Wide-angle shot of a bustling robotics workshop with focused children working on robots at tables, in a gymnasium with red walls."

What's included in our classroom packages?

Our innovative classroom packages are designed to inspire and engage all students in grades 4 through 8. We provide everything teachers need to run a robotics program and have designed our programs for ALL students, not just the "top 5 to 10 percent".

Taking Off with Pilot (Grades 4-5): A comprehensive 25-lesson curriculum, including 12 Pilot robots, a professional development portal accessible for 12 months, and ongoing curriculum updates.


Introduction to Robotics with Axle (Grades 6-8): This package includes 12 Axle robots kits, a 45-lesson curriculum, and curriculum updates. The package also comes with an 18-month professional development portal and a 40-hour bank of 1-on-1 teacher training/professional development.


Both classroom packages equipped with durable, reusable robot kits, tools, curriculum maps, grading rubrics, and a variety of active learning materials to foster critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. Engage your students with the real-world applications of STEM and prepare them for the future with True Robotics.

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