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A group of enthusiastic individuals from True Robotics posing with robots. They are wearing casual and team polo shirts, some with the "FIJI" and "True Robotics" logos. The team is displaying their robots with pride, indicating a collaborative and educational environment.

About Us

True Robotics, Inc. was founded in August of 2021 to inspire and educate students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Through our innovative robotics kits, curriculum, and professional development services, we aim to make STEM accessible, engaging, and hands-on for elementary and middle school students.

Classroom Packages

True Robotics equips schools with comprehensive solutions for integrating robotics into their curriculum. We offer two distinct classroom packages: Taking Off with Pilot for students in grades 4-5, and Introduction to Robotics for students in grades 6-8. These programs are highly adaptable, having been successfully implemented in a variety of settings including traditional, alternative, and sub-therapeutic classrooms, as well as afterschool programs and summer camps. They are an excellent enhancement to any class focused on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

True Robotics Logo of Robot Person Computer and Book.
Close-up of a purple robotic kit featuring the "True Robotics" logo on its central panel, with the text "ROBOT KITS - Learn More" overlaid at the bottom, suggesting an interactive section on a website for educational robotics products.

Robot Kits

 A group of three young students and an instructor in a classroom, each holding a purple robotic kit. They are smiling towards the camera, with a whiteboard and computers in the background. Indicating an educational setting promoting robotics learning.

Classroom Packages

Introduction to Robotics and Coding Flyer/Infographic that includes PowerPoints, Worksheets, Hands-on Activities and task Cards.

Mini Units

Contact Us

True Robotics

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